Monday, 4 May 2020

Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

You know how sometimes you don't notice something until you notice it and then once you've noticed it you can't stop noticing it?

Yeah, well, my hair has gotten heavy.

And now I can't un-notice it.

So my hair is long but not LOOOOONG, but in order to help me save some money my hairdresser has been stretching out the amount of time between trims.  So my last trim was late Fall and I was scheduled to have a trim in March.

And I was totally ok when she cancelled it for safety reasons.  Totally, completely, 400% ok, because it's just hair and it just needs a trim, nothing major.  I can go without.

And then the other day I thought that my hair felt extra heavy in the bun thing I put it up into.  As in it doesn't really stay up well and kind of pulls at my head and it's not super comfortable and like I said, once I start noticing the feeling it's hard to un-notice the feeling and, well, my hair is heavy right now!!!

I realized it's because I haven't had a cut/trim in a lot longer than just "March".  It's actually been several months and my hair is thick and heavy at the best of times but now there are a few more inches than usual and, well... it's heavy y'all!

One little tiny part of me thinks "Oh, I'll just... use scissors and cut it and then she can fix it when things are more normal and open again!" and the rest of me is like NO!  Just, NO!

It's easiest just to ignore it and maybe even assume that the heavy feeling is stress related or something I dunno!  But yeah, it was a funny moment when I did the math and realized I haven't had a hair cut in a lot longer than a month! (More like five or maybe even six?  Whoops!)

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