Tuesday, 2 June 2020


It's Monday as I write this (to post on Tuesday) and I bet that doesn't actually matter to anyone but me but there you go....  it's Monday, and I woke up ... something.  Calmer perhaps?  Numb?  Who knows. 

I think it might be in part due to watching the ending of the miniseries Waco last night and having a big cry over that.  A big cry over pain and loss and sadness and death and how much it all hurts my heart and soul and how much I wish I could fix it.  Even knowing I can't fix hatred and violence and racism.  But wanting to.  So much.

But perhaps that big cry is part of what let me wake up a little differently this morning and so in that vein, knowing what's going on in the States, knowing the failings of my own country, knowing change needs to happen so desperately starting with police reform..... knowing all this, I turn to the tiny stories of life, the little things in my infinitesimally small pocket of the universe... not knowing if I should, but doing it anyway.

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