Saturday, 27 June 2020

Oh! I Forgot!

Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you from yesterday!!!

You know those signs on some roads that say "Your Speed" and they clock the speed of your car and if you're over the speed limit they flash (or I even saw one the other day that had a green happy face and a red angry face!)?

Well there's one that's on a street that I walk by when I'm going back home from "downtown".  Which, remember, I haven't done since lock down in March, but have done plenty of times over the years.

Said sign is usually flashing whatever speed the cars are going.... 40/50/whatever KM/h.

Well as I was walking home yesterday I noticed it flashing.  6.  5.  9.  6.  6.  I looked around... no cars.  No one else around.  Just me.  Oh!  IT'S PICKING UP MY WALKING!!!!  I AM A THING!!!!

I'm not really sure why it made me so happy but it did.  Plus then I had to google average walking speed to see if it was really picking me up or just... I dunno, malfunctioning somehow? 

I have to wonder if in all the years I've lived here if there has never been another time where I was the sole moving thing on that stretch of road and that's why this has never happened before?  Is this a "semi-lockdown" gift to me from the Gods?

Whatever the reason, I'll take it.  And whenever I walk that road again, I'll try not to be disappointed if it doesn't "see" me the same way ever again (but you know I will be!)


Jason Langlois said...

Ahhh, that makes more sense. I was wondering if you were powerwalking at 30km/hr to trigger and I was like WOW.

Victoria said...

Well now I have to google powerwalker top speeds! ;)