Friday, 19 June 2020

Perhaps One Of You Has An Idea

Ok, your guess is as good as mine, and you'll be only going on the vague babblings I give you but I'm wondering if you can figure out something I've been trying to figure out for... oh, a year or two?

Here's my vague babblings...

The neighbour above me (I'm pretty sure) has a thing that they use that makes a noise that annoys me.

Ok.  We'll start there.

I first heard this noise a summer or two ago and so assumed it was an air conditioning unit, but I never saw the "box sticking out of the window" thing so then I figured not.

Well, I've heard it again as of this last week or so, and I still don't see the box in window thing so I'm trying to figure out what else it might be.  Perhaps a fan?  But it seems to have a consistent Hummmmmmmmm rather than what a rotating fan might sound like.  But I could be wrong.  I've thought it might be the dishwasher, but that usually has a limited run time and also usually has water sounds, and well, unless they eat a lot, they're probably not running the dishwasher every night.  Right?

I know I don't have fans out right now but the apartment above me is probably warmer, so maybe they need it?

I checked to see if it's the building's laundry or drier but nope.  I'm typing this at 8pm at night and I hear the hummmmmmm.

I don't know much about air conditioner sounds.  Never had one, didn't grow up around them, so have no idea what I'd be listening for.  A fan I suppose makes sense, but I generally only hear the noise in the evenings (as far as I've noticed?)

I wish I could explain the noise to give you better guesses but it's like a ... uh... a low hummmmmm.  That's all I know.  It's consistent and constant.

Fan?  Or, air... thing of some kind?  What else might it be?  I'm not about to knock on their door and be like hi, can I please just come inside to look around and oh ok, just pretend I was never here, bye!  But part of me would like to!!!!

Edited to Update:  Ok, I feel like after I finished writing this the noise stopped, and now it's come back on again so I really really have no good guesses!


Jason Langlois said...

It might not be a window mount AC. Maybe they have one of the roller types where you can just point a hose at the window?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jason...I think it is a portable AC unit that you can connect to any window.

Victoria said...

*insert scratching chin emoji here*

Hmmmm, I shall do me some googling! ;)