Friday, 12 June 2020


So... yeah, I didn't have Covid.  Which is great.  But there's also a small part of me that I suppose kind of hoped I'd have it and "get away" with very mild symptoms and then maybe not have to worry about it so much?  Because honestly, I'm back to feeling like I can pick it up any and everywhere and from everyone and everything and that's just exhausting.

And then I feel guilty for being exhausted when I'm not in the middle of being racially profiled by police and I'm not in the middle of violent protests and my life is so much safer because I'm white and then that makes me feel even more tired.

Totally unrelated other than I just looked outside, and I am not really saying this out loud but I am totally ok with the cooler weather we've been having so far.

I know, I know, I shouldn't mention it because it'll jinx it and the heat will come but I'm taking this breather while it's here.

To catch you non-locals up, I still have all my winter blankets on my bed and the last few days I've gotten out a hot water bottle for time on my couch so yeah, it's "early Spring" type weather here right now.  "Chilly" and some rain and well, you know what?  With the days as long as they are, I really actually kind of love it.  I can have my blinds up for hours and hours, whereas on the hot days they have to go down after lunch and then I miss out on the light, so this right now feels perfect.  And I don't mind being cozy rather than roasting.

Le sigh.

Life is.... strange.

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