Monday, 20 July 2020

Also, I'm Irritable

Things were quieter a few months ago.

I mean that literally.

There was barely any traffic (as we'd all been asked to stay home) and you could HEAR how quiet it was.  A single airplane flying overhead was incredibly noticeable.  You'd hear a car now and then and think man, there's no traffic.  It was a little eerie, the unknown potential of this virus being the cause of this silence but it was quiet.

That, and it was early early Spring, so the birds - crows mainly - were less "yelly".  (They're so yelly right now.  On and on for hours a day.  I have to guess they're territorial over a nest and something's bothering them but damn...)

Then there's the fans.  My fans.  Electric, not, like... personal (ha, I made a funny).

It got hot last week, and while I managed the heat pretty ok, what was difficult was the lack of air flow.  I'm jealous of anyone who has windows on two sides of their place and can get a through breeze... what a difference it makes.  I remember (oh so long ago) going to my parents' place on a very hot day and their apartment was chilly.  So much air flow.  My place, I try to keep up with the coming heat but the noise of fans running actually gets to me.  Especially the box fan.  As much as I need it, and it helps blow air around, the noise grinds on me and drains me.

So I've had a bit of a rough week.  I'm extra irritable and the noises are noisy and I'm missing fresh air but struggling to get myself outside and I do wish the crows would hurry up and get over whatever's bothering them so.

Anyway... that's a rant.  Or something.  About missing the quiet that was.

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