Wednesday, 1 July 2020


And so now it's July. 

Whereas the world sort of stopped for a lot of us in March (and for other parts of the world even earlier than that), time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping (a la Steve Miller Band) and we find ourselves months and months away from March.  Somehow.

The days are certainly lovely and long and the temperatures are warm and all those other summer things.... everything's green, and skies are bright blue (when not cloudy/rainy/home home on the range).

Today is, in fact "Canada Day".... and I'm putting that in quotations for a few reasons... including the fact that it's a holiday when lots of folks still don't have work... plus it's a Wednesday, and also no gathering/celebrating is officially happening (or safe) and also for the last few years I haven't felt comfortable celebrating Canada... we're not a country without faults and poor historical choices and, well, it's embarrassing to say but it doesn't seem right to celebrate not being in America.... but, im, yeah...

So it's July.  Unbelievably.  And were the external signs not there, I'd still tell you it was Spring and that endless March we went through.

My neighbours to the South (America) are going through some incredible turmoil and the hatred and anger feels contagious and some people are joking at the horrors to come in July (volcanoes?  aliens?) and I honestly just keep thinking of "fire season" and the fear I've had since March of societal collapse and man oh man when is this episode/movie/book going to be over?

Happy July.  Happy Canada Day.  Happy Wednesday.  Stay safe, stay well, stay hydrated.

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