Monday, 31 August 2020


The weekend got away from me a bit, mainly because I lost a day to a panic attack.

My anxiety has been high this last couple of weeks, in part because I've got a hospital based test coming up this week and that's pushing a lot of anxiety buttons for me (I'm not really worried about the results, more the process and test itself, even though I've been assured it's fine) and some big stuff has come up in counselling this last few weeks and so the combo of the two has had me not so calm and after several days in a row of high high anxiety just this weekend I woke up to a panic attack and I made the decision to take something for it and then that made me sleepy and so I napped.

Which helped, I guess, as I woke up from said nap feeling a little lighter and physically better but also groggy for the rest of the day and then all of a sudden I realized that Monday was the next day.  Whoops.

And speaking of this weekend, Fall really crept in to things this weekend.  Tail end of Summer feeling to temperatures for sure.

I went for a distanced walk with a friend Saturday evening and luckily thought to bring a hoodie at the last minute because the wind had a bit of a bite to it.  And then Sunday it was chilly enough that I was under my blanket all day and rain came and, well, it felt like Summer really was transitioning towards Autumn.

Not that that doesn't mean we won't have (wait, did I just double negative myself?) another bunch of hot/warm days, in fact they're calling for a warm weekend again so I should really just stop talking before I jinx anything but let me just say I'm not putting my fans away yet. 

I have been throwing my Winter housecoat over the base of my bed as a mini blanket though, so blankets may be a thing that happen at night....

Only for the heat to come back so who knows!

Happy Monday y'all.  Enjoy this last day of August.  How weird is that, right?


Jason Langlois said...

Too much emotional lifting, it sounds like. I hope you get some relief soon, and can recharge.

And yeah, I actually had to close my bedroom window over the weekend to keep from shivering while I tried to sleep... definitely beginning that slow transition to fall. If only it wasn't also getting darker, earlier.

Victoria said...

"Emotional lifting", yeah that sounds like it!

And, yes, fall is heading our way, darker days and all...