Thursday, 13 August 2020

I Handled It

I caught up with someone the other day who has never been more than a vague acquaintance but who reaches out to say hi every couple of years.  Honestly, I usually avoid his phone calls as he's a big personality and talks a lot lot lot (thankfully he also knows this about himself so usually attempts to be conscious about it) but on Sunday I felt up for a convo and so we chatted.

It was, y'all, the first time I've really had to be delicate around this current health pandemic situation as he started to talk about things that... well, do not fit with my feelings, beliefs or understanding of what's going on.  I'm not talking "wackado" conspiracy stuff.... just, we don't apparently see eye to eye on things and so I had to find ways to politely.... not agree, and change the subject.  I think what I said was something along the lines of none of us really knowing what someone else is thinking or why they're doing something so they may not be "scared"(as this person was suggesting about certain persons and their behavioural choices) ... *shrug*

It's something I've been cautious about with people, especially friends I haven't talked to since March, as people really do have different reactions and levels of concern about all this.

I know, generally, where I stand and I know others do not feel the same way as me and I just tend to keep to myself about it.  I've turned down a few invites recently from folks who wanted to do things I'm not going into a restaurant or coffee shop right now, and that's my choice and I won't berate you for making that choice I'll just say "that's not something I'm doing right now, sorry."

The folks I've said this too have been good, but it still feels a bit uncomfortable to me but this whole thing does, you know?

But yeah, I think I handled things fairly well and hopefully no feathers were ruffled. 


Jason Langlois said...

It's a little like when you tell people you're not going to have an alcoholic drink at a party. Or when you tell someone you're a vegan.

There's awkwardness around it, I think, because discussing it feels like you're judging someone.

So if you navigated out of those rocky shoals of conversation, you're doing well.

Victoria said...

Phew! ;)