Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Not Tuesday

I've been having weird dreams lately.  Or, I suppose to be more accurate... I've been remembering dreams lately because I seem to wake up early, check the clock, push myself to go back to sleep and then have light sleep and weird dreams that are unsettling.... I'm sure some sleep scientist would say something fancy about what's happening but yeah. 

I'd intended this morning to wake up and tell you all about the dream because it was intense but interesting.  But somehow it is two and a half hours later and I genuinely have no idea where the time has gone.  Usually I know where my morning goes but today I have absolutely no idea.  It's bizarre actually.  I guess I just did a bunch of little things and now here I am.



Jason Langlois said...

Time seems extra weird these days.

And I've also had some weird 'light sleep' dreams as well. I'm blaming the weather, because I'm arbitrary that way.

Victoria said...

Fine, weather is to blame! GIVE US A BREAK ON THE WEIRD DREAMS... WEATHER!