Wednesday, 7 October 2020


So... um.... how do I know that the last few weeks have been extra stressful?  Well, the grocery delivery I got yesterday (and that was ordered last week) included frozen blueberries and some bananas and that's the only "real" food I actually got... everything else was comfort food or junk food and I can not stop laughing at my past self thinking "f*ck it, I'll just get crap cuz then I'll at least feel better!"


Also, I guess I didn't read the descriptions carefully and now I have a 2kg bag of perogies rather than the small bag of perogies because the bag I got was "on sale" (by 60 cents) and if we can just remember I'm not supposed to be eating gluten or things that are pretty much just carbohydrates and so now I have 2kg's worth to get through, d'oh!

Um, so yeah... I should probably not "let" myself put in orders like that again.  Ahem.  (And no, I'm not admitting what the rest of the order included!)