Monday, 16 November 2020

Is It Me?

I may or may not have mentioned it here before but my thyroid stopped working when I was a kid.  (I've been on replacement meds ever since, for what it's worth.)

I bring this up because one of the things (oversimplifying) that the thyroid does is help manage body temperature and mine has been... not as normal as I'd like of late, and I'm wondering if it's the weather and all or if it's me and my non-working thyroid.

I know I talk here from time to time about putting on this blanket or that blanket or opening/closing windows and turning radiators on/up, etc etc.  And I know that as we've marched into Fall the temperature has been dropping but I keep talking to people about it and I'm not sure they're noticing what I am!

Like, this weekend, I think it was Friday night, it was a cooler night but overcast, so not frosty.  I was up later than usual and as I was reading, I was cold under all my "winter" blankies.  I closed up my bedroom windows and went off to sleep.  Except I couldn't fall asleep because I was too cold.  I kept thinking I'd warm up but it was about three in the morning when I finally gave up and fully closed both my windows (leaving no gap) and grabbed my housecoat to throw over all the blankets.  And then I was able to be warm enough to sleep.

Saturday night was again, not a terribly cold night, but I felt that same chill in bed so I went so far as to grab my "for sure not kidding" heavy wool blanket from the living room to put over my bed.  And the thought I kept having was "it's not January"... as in, usually I don't need ALL those blankets until mid-Winter. So... is it me?

Yes,  I've requested my doctor check my thyroid levels so that'll show... something or nothing, but yeah.  My nights have been weirdly cold.

I asked Jason if his Friday night was super cold and he said, "well yeah, it's Winter!" but it's not.

I did realize though that I am still in that weird time-headspace that the pandemic seems to have brought.

Like I know I talked about Halloween but it feels like it didn't happen.  And I'm not sure I've really clued in to the fact it's late Fall... you know?

But I digress... I'm trying to figure out if this month has been chillier than usual (alternating with mild days just to mess with me), or if my body is not handling temperatures as well as usual (thyroid related), or if I've somehow forgotten how early in the year "cold weather" can happen (if that even makes sense.) Or.... I dunno?  

I just think it's weird that I have needed what I usually think of as my "really really cold" winter sleeping stuff when we're not in actual Winter.


Jason Langlois said...

It has felt colder the last week or so than I remember previous Novembers being.

Victoria said...

Hmmm, ok. Thanks :)