Friday, 13 November 2020

Oh Yeah

I got my flu shot the other week.  Forgot to tell you.

They've done an extra push of it this year, or maybe I'm just noticing that, but I signed up at a couple of places (pharmacies) to be notified of flu clinics and after missing out on a few (they filled up super fast) I got in at a place.

I was nervous, probably even anxious, which I'm not normally... but I figure Covid and going into public and all that had me extra wound up.

The day of, I drove to the place and the process was SUPER fast and easy... ridiculously so!  I mean it took me like 15/20 minutes to drive there and from check in to leaving (plus chatting with the pharmacist  - all of us masked) was less time than that!

The shot was fine, painless, whee!

I did have a sore arm about an hour later,  quite sore actually, but it resolved by the next day (just was a bit sore) and I, as usual... hope they guessed the right strain of flu!

It was covered, financially speaking, through public health, so that too was a bonus.  I've not paid for a flu shot in a while due to my health stuff, but I was willing to this year with all that's going on.

I skipped getting a flu shot for a few years there when I wasn't working (as I wasn't really going out and so less likely to get exposed) but got it last year when C-Dawg was diagnosed with cancer (so as not to bring her any additional germs in case she had to go through radiation or chemo) and did again this year cuz... well, you know... *waves arms around vaguely*

But yeah, I'm relieved it's done and over and I hope it helps keep me and others well.  Especially this year.

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