Monday, 2 November 2020

The Week To Come

I spent a fair amount of time thinking about blogging this weekend.

As in... what did I feel like doing about it... this week in particular...

See, tomorrow is the US election.  And I would really really like to ignore it.  Maybe I could if I lived on another continent, but it's hard to ignore it when I can walk to the beach and look across some water and see the States... it's... right there.

I know I could ignore it more than I do - by staying off of social media.... avoiding the news, etc etc and I should probably work on that but I also have a large number of friends down there and my feed is pretty US heavy because of that.  

So yes, I have a particular way I hope the election goes.  But I also do not have a sense of things "going well" whichever way the election goes.  And that I am trying to let go of - I'm not psychic, things might be fine no matter who is elected.... I guess that is a possibility.

So I thought about writing out the week's worth of posts just completely ignoring whatever might happen.  I thought about writing a few posts and leaving some blank spaces to respond to whatever's going to happen... I thought about writing nothing at all for the week and then starting to write when things were either good or not so much.  So I'm still not really sure what I'm going to do.

I suppose I could do some combination of all of the above but I know I often don't "get around" to writing if I don't hammer posts out on the weekend so... I dunno man.  

I've never felt the drag of any election the way I do on this one and I so very much wish that weren't the case.

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