Monday, 7 December 2020


There was a time a while back where I read or saw something from a writer saying something along the paraphrased lines of.... I just write 200 shitty words a day.  That's it.  I make myself write 200 shitty words a day, I tell myself they don't have to even be good.  And from that came a novel.  

Or... something like that.  Their point was just write.  Don't think, just 200 words every day, they don't even have to be good.

So I did that for a while.  Might even have been a month or two.  And yes, like the writer suggested, some days the words were better than others and most days reaching 200 words was easy and more was written.  

But a novel never formed.  I wasn't quite attempting to write a novel, but I was curious if one would write itself or if something would show itself.  I ended up with thirty pages of words, and I can't say I've gone back to look at them again, but I must have seen the document recently - probably as I'm attempting to sort and save my stuff before the new laptop arrives and data needs transferred and all that... so I was thinking about it again recently.  In part, because I wondered if some of it might be sharable here.   I remember at the time thinking "I should be writing for my blog!" but I figured writing was writing and that was a free-form type of thing and OMG can I tell you how many times I've had to fix this ARGH non functioning space bar situation in this paragraph alone OMG! ahem...

But then I thought instead of that, maybe I could just start again here with the "just write 200 shitty words a post" and see what comes out and I suppose this post is a bit of that.  But also, I'm trying not to mess with my laptop too much as I know every time I change something, the backups Jason and I have made are out of date and I'd rather not accidentally lose something... somethings.

So... yeah, if my writing here possibly becomes even more random than usual (HA!) it's just me trying to give myself some breathing room and creative space to write. More. 


Jason Langlois said...

That's a good idea.
They do say that the key to being a writer is to write, after all.

Victoria said...

They do say that ;)