Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Holy (String of Swear Words Here) Crap

Not entirely sure I survived the last week, weekend included.

I mean, I'm pretty sure these are my fingers typing on these keys but hey, maybe this is just a really good dream?

This last week for me has been almost an opposite of some of the months last year when they seemed to go on and on.  Last week felt like months packed into seven days.  (Am I even using words properly?  Did that make sense?  I meant to say it was a lot lot lot for a short amount of time and I got completely overwhelmed and then even more overwhelmed in a different way and I need a long weekend or something and Family Day is not close enough halp!)

I had planned to sit down and write out a post about it all but instead I just want to give myself a break so here's a post, there will be another one eventually.  

Happy... uh (looks at Calendar) Tuesday?

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