Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Go Figure

I had my first "current situation" dream last week.

It was a mask dream of all things.

My parents and I had travelled (that was a safe thing again I guess) to a "fancy" hotel somewhere.  No idea where, could have been just Vancouver, didn't "feel" far far away.  And by "fancy" I mean it was actually kind of like a cruise ship inside, so lots to see and look at.  Like.. the hotel was the destination rather than the location?  Anyway...

So we'd just checked in and I told my parents I was going to go explore the hotel and I went out into the hallway and had taken a few steps when I realized I'd forgotten my mask.  This was upsetting, but luckily I had my mask on me (in my pocket?) so I stopped and put it on.

As I walked around the hotel I realized I was one of the only people wearing a mask and it seemed like they were giving me "funny" looks but I didn't care because I wanted to be safer.  

So, yeah, my first "mask" stress dream... go figure.  I guess in some ways I'm surprised I haven't had any memorable Covid dreams before this, but I'm also curious what worries my brain was trying to "get rid" of with that particular dream you know?

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