Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Oh, The Light

It's at this time of year that I find myself wishing we had this length of days all year round.  I love when it's light from morning until 9pm.  Love love love it and life seems nicer and easier and somehow, and this sort of sounds dumb, but days seem longer.  Even knowing it is the same clock, the same 24 hours, having the light out all evening is amazing.  So so good.

And it's often at this time of year that I think to myself that I love it so much I would almost move.  As in, move somewhere where the days were like this, long like this all year long, or at least closer to it.

And my thoughts meander to the equator and then I stop myself and I try to Science.  Because tilt of earth and um rotation around sun and you know what?  I don't think there actually is anywhere where the days are long like this all the time.  I think, if my brain remembers and no I'm not googling, that ruins the fun, I think that days at or near the equator are generally sort of around the same length without much variation?  But as you go up (.... or down) the globe they stretch out but that also means they shorten.  So to have days this gloriously long, we "pay" for them in Winter with horribly short ones.  Although not as short as the pole-type people who get days of no night and then nights of no day.

So I suppose the "solution" is to live here while it's like this and then the opposite place when they're like this.  

But yeah, I do love this... light at 9pm and such.  Long, light filled evenings are such a delight for so many reasons.


Jason Langlois said...

I feel like light until 9PM = good. Light until 10PM? not as good. :)

Victoria said...

Aw, I'd just like longer days more of the time!