Saturday, 28 January 2012


Hope I didn't get your hopes up as much as I got my hopes up, but I'm not going for dinner this weekend.

The gentleman in question was busy and already had plans this weekend, so it didn't happen.

And, to be honest, I was disappointed.

She actually let me know the day I posted about it (which was kind of ironic) that there wouldn't be a dinner and it made for a melancholy day.

I let her know I was bummed and she told me not to be because it was just a re-scheduling.

So, sorry I don't have any stories to tell you.

But at least it's still the weekend, right?


HayleyGrace said...

Ahhh!! I was excited to here about it. Hopefully he can reschedule soon!

Victoria said...

I was excited too Classy.... but yes, hopefully it'll happen at some point soon.

e said...

how was your weekend, v?
excited to hear about all the wonderful things you accomplished despite this minor disappointment.

Victoria said...

It was good :) Thanks e