Thursday, 29 March 2012

Unknown Territory

Heather by foundimagination
So let's imagine that I've met Steve and we hit it off (which, really, is what's likely to happen, I'm a decent person and apparently he's a decent person and we'll probably get along just fine) and we start "dating."

Now, I have to put "dating" in quotation marks because I'm not entirely sure I've really ever kind of done it before.

See, I've always just met a guy and then been in a relationship. Um, withsomesexthrowninthere. Pardon? What? Hmmm?

So the process of going on outings or dates or getting to know someone slowly over a series of events is a foreign one to me.

I did start down that road last summer with Chad. We met, our initial meeting date, and then we had another date a few days later and then we went on a movie date, and I was nervously anticipating how the whole "dating someone" thing would play out.

I remember being nervous about how I would know when a kissing moment was approaching and I remember thinking about introducing him to C-Dawg and seeing how they got along and wondering what he'd think of my apartment when he came over.

It was new to me and unfortunately, I didn't get to play it out very far, so the whole "dating" thing is still new.

So if Steve and I meet and get along and decide to date, I'll just have to go with what feels right and try to figure things out as we go.

I mean, there's probably no steadfast rules on how things progress (coffee to movie to outdoors to dinner?) and I'm sure each new relationship is different, so I'll try to just relax and see what happens.

Cuz I may not be great at being that relaxed, non worrying person, but I can always practice and learn how to be more that way, right?



Kate said...

Oh wow - I have just been through exactly the same thing! I have always met a guys, hooked up and it has turned into an instant relationship.. until The Boy came into my life.
We were introduced by a mutual friend and went out in a group many times which then progressed to dinner with just the 2 of us. That then progressed to movies, drinks and more dinners for 3 months. In that time I had to sit on my hands so I wouldn't jump on him (I thought we were "just friends"). Fast forward to NYE and we finally, FINALLY kissed. 4 months after our first kiss we are still together and I think back to all those lovely innocent dates and smile at how we built the foundation of this awesome thing we have.

Enjoy it when it comes!

Just a Girl said...

It's true. I have a bad habit of going straight into a serious relationship with guys. But I'm trying something totally new now and I'm kind of loving it. Something about the chase, the wooing, the game. I know I know, everyone says they don't want to play games, but the truth is it's built into our DNA. Which means that you will naturally be way better at it then you give yourself credit for. Seriously. It's in your genes ;)

Victoria said...

It's such a great story Kate! :)

Being woo-ed might be nice Candy ;)