Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Through The Light by foundimagination
I'm just not in a headspace of handling anything right now.

Jay's still away so we haven't talked about anything... and... I just am also either sick or sick because of this or I have no idea, I'm just not good so I just need a few days.

I'll be back.

Soon enough.


Elliott said...

All the best. I hope it works out for you. We'll be here when you get back.

Tara said...

Hope everything works out for you, and that you feel better :(

kandijay said...


michelle/bostonlovessanibel said...

Take time, feel better, be kind to yourself.

Victoria said...

Thanks Elliott

Me too Tara, thanks

Thanks Kandijay, I need lots of them

Will do my best Michelle

crazysexycool said...

Just started reading your blog for inspiration! My best friend and I started a blog about being single professional women in our 20's (SPF20's), please check it out! We'd love any guidance from a blogging vet.

Victoria said...

Hey, good luck :) It's fun. The best advice I got was to remember that you're never really anonymous online and so not to write anything you wouldn't want people (or some person in particular) reading. Enjoy!

Elana Elizabeth said...

I despise that sad, awful unknown feeling. No matter what you do, yoga, breathing, anything it doesn't go away and it infests your mind. Be kind to yourself, and let yourself be sad. try and talk about it with someone who is objective to the situation (I know its preachy, but my therapist really helps me with this kind of stuff). In the end everything will work out for the best, even though that can be the most awful thing of all to hear. :)

Victoria said...

I despise it too... that's a perfect way to put it.