Monday, 29 July 2013


I Guess People Needed A Lot by foundimagination
I had what feels like a massive weekend, but I'm happily not exhausted by it.  So, yay for that!

I made tutus.  Yes, you read that right, tutus.  Decided I wanted one for Burning Man (I've heard there's sometimes a "tutu Tuesday") and once I got into the fabric store I couldn't make just one!

Actually, I wasn't sure I'd be able to make one at all, but my friends showed me a method that involved no sewing and it was super easy and yay!

I've loved tutus since I was a little girl.  I still remember being in ballet class and at the end of the class the teacher would bring out the basket of tutus and it was the best thing ever.  How pretty!  Real ballerinas!  Twirl, jump, spin!


So, yeah, there were tutus.

And walks in the sun.  Maybe a bit too much sun as I have certain parts of me that are still a bit pink but seriously this summer's weather has been amazing.

I also am feeling way better.  Stomach isn't mad any more, just doesn't want to eat a full meal yet, but feeling so much better.  Should be back to normal today I think.

I also read a book in maybe a day and a half.  Kings of Cool by Don Winslow.  I absolutely loved it.   I mean, it's not the lightest of subject matter but just the style and voice, I adored.  It's a prequel to another book of his I really liked and I just ordered another one, but I'm not expecting to like the new one as much as it'll be new characters and I imagine a slightly different style, but we'll see.

So I loved that.  And then I got to nearly the end of The Wire (finally) and bawled my eyes out at the second to last episode's ending.

And I also got a tip off on a show, Orange is the New Black and I loved it so much I whipped through the entire first season this weekend too!

So I feel like I got a ton of great story telling, and did some fun stuff and created some cool things with my own two hands (!) and I got fresh air and sunshine and well, yeah.  A really great weekend.

Here's to many more just like it.


Unknown said...

Sounds lovely! My 13yo has been on me to get into Orange is new Black.. may need to try it out!

Kate said...

We just finished Orange is the New Black too - Awesome!

If you can find it in Canada "Luther" is awesome - Idris Elba from The Wire in a BBC detective show.. A bit grisly but really good!

Victoria said...

I really enjoyed it Sabrina!

Kate, Luther is amazing!!!!