Friday, 5 July 2013

In My Mind

I've been having a lot of Burning Man dreams lately.
Probably because I'm trying to sort through what I have, what I need, what I don't need, and all the rest.  (I know I'm going to over pack, but that I'll also wish I'd brought something I didn't.)

Some of the dreams I've had are probably also due to it being hot right now and me thinking "hmmm... this is nothing compared to what the playa will probably be like."

So I half wake up in the morning, warm under my sheets and I think I'm in my tent... or something.

I've had a dream that Jay and I were waking up together in my tent.  That was awesome.  Until I woke up completely.

Then I had a dream that I forgot my zip lock bags.  Dream disaster!

Then there was the one where the desert actually was right by the water downtown here and the mountains were still snow-capped and everything, allowing us the nice ocean breeze, ahhhh!  That dream made me realize I've always camped with a body of water nearby.  This no-water camping will be a first.

I also had a dream that C-Dawg was there and we were walkie-talkie-ing our way to try to find each other, and I was super happy that she was there.  I've never done anything like this without a loved one coming along.  And, no, I'm not entirely travelling by myself, but I'm also travelling without a friend, family member, or loved one.  And I don't know how I'll handle that.

I've had dreams about being in my tent, and it being warm, and the awful, horrible dream where I ran into Jay.

And then the nauseating thought later that day that I will throw up, literally throw up, if I see him there and he's with another woman.

That thought makes me panic.


G's said...

Being nice and warm under the sheets... is not at all what it will feel like in your tent in the hot sun in the middle of the desert I can promise you that!

I went to Coachella a few years ago and.. holy sweating. And BM is probably hotter.

You'll have a blast. There will be so many people there so many possibilities for making new friends... don't worry about running into him. Maybe by then you'll be the one with new arm candy!

Unknown said...

I feel as though you should assume you will see him there? And even mentally go over how you will respond/react if he's with a girl. Im a big believer in prepping for worst case scenario.. so it's not the biggest shock ever if it happens. Huge over thinker. right here. But I'm usually pretty steady as you go.. on the outside!

When do you leave?

Victoria said...

Maybe G's! ;)

Yeah, good call Sabrina. I leave the last week of August. So, a long while yet (sort of) :)