Friday, 19 July 2013

Shoulda Known Better

Don't Lick Your Screen by foundimagination
So, apparently I'm not as smart as I should be sometimes, or maybe I just didn't think it through, but I ended up bumming myself out this week.

I picked up some summer reading and one of them was a light and easy chick flick type book that I whipped through in a couple of days.

It was an easy read, but I really did not like the premise (cheating with your best friend's fiancĂ© because you used to love him back in the day, very un-cool) but I remember seeing trailers for the movie and liking the cast so I decided to watch it anyway.  Despite not agreeing with glorifying cheating.

Anyhoo, proselytizing aside, the movie was fine (John Krasinski was adorable) but at the end of it I was pretty blue.  I was all sad that my happily ever after wasn't happening, and that just made me miss Jay terribly.

I wanted to text him and be all "I miss you" but I didn't.  And that was hard.  But I didn't because I know I wouldn't get the response I'd be hoping for and then I'd end up sad and disappointed and feeling stupid.

But, yeah.  Stupid Hollywood.  Stupid chick flick lit books.

I shoulda known better.


Dominic said...

Stick to stuff with explosions. You can't go wrong with blowing stuff up.

Victoria said...

True dat! ;)