Saturday, 27 September 2014

Now I'm One Of The Guys, Yo

Peeing standing up is awesome you guys!

Ok, hi, sorry, that was probably a waaaay too weird way to start a post but it's a Saturday, everyone's sleeping in anyway.

But seriously.  Guys, like, boy guys, you've got it so awesome with the whole ability to stand up to pee!

I've used my pee funnel thing before, usually when hiking when Jason wanders off behind a bush to pee and I think, well, guess I'll go too, but I've always hid myself behind a bush and crouched down and just used the funnel to kind of... direct things.  But, last weekend when we went for our drive/walk/hike thing we'd pulled over by an abandoned building for a break/change into shorts (BECAUSE EXTENDO SUMMER YAY!) and pee break.  I figured I may as well give it a go but instead of crouching this time, I stood up.

And it was awesome!

Just... standing there to pee.  Ladies... seriously, it's awesome.  No need to sit, crouch, squat, hover, none of it, just... stand there and wheeeeeee!

I don't know, maybe the novelty will wear off but damn, the convenience of being able to stand while tinkling?  Is pretty damn rad.



Jason Langlois said...

One of us, one of us...

Elliott said...

Welcome to the club! Being able to stop anywhere, anytime (shy bladder aside) is awesome.

Victoria said...

Soon I'll be joining you guys in the locker room! (Do I bring beer to get in?)

Elliott said...

I prefer rye...but beer will likely get you in too.

Who am I kidding??? All you have to do is walk'd be welcome in any locker room I've been in.

Victoria said...

Rye... got it :)