Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I'm now wishing I hadn't finished writing about Burning Man and still had a few days left to talk about.

Parenthood, the tv show, this season the patriarch of the family underwent open heart surgery and is now recovering.  It's been hard for me as they're doing a really good job of showing how hard the recovery is not just for the patient but for the family and especially the spouse.  Clearly, someone who wrote the show has been through this or did some really solid research.

Nighttime is when my most upset and angry happens.  I don't know if everyone's like this or if it's just how I happen to be built but I've had a lot of upset and angry at night lately and I generally feel better in the morning even if the thing I'm upset about hasn't changed.  Not really sure why.

I'm not really someone who eats chips but I randomly bought a bag of "natural" ones and now I can't stop eating chips damnit.  I try to buy the mini bags because if I buy a big bag I'll just eat the damn thing anyway. 

Turns out the massive rain we've had here the last few days is the tail end of a monsoon or tropical stormy hurricane type thing.  It's been really extra big drops.

I moved up to 5 pound hand weights in boot camp last week.  Yay me.  I still need to get back to other workouts though I think... either that or put my gym membership on hold for a while to save some dough.


Jason Langlois said...

Chips. Deadly things. If only exercise was as addictive a potato chips, we'd all be a lot healthier.

If you're not going to the gym, it's probably a good idea to put the membership on hold. Of course, the better idea is probably to start going again. Maybe at night, when you're angry and upset. Might work off some of the frustrations from the day?

I suspect you feel better in the morning because sleep is really good at helping your moods. Plus, daylight and the promise of the day being better might help.

And you can write more about Burning Man... I'm sure more memories will pop up.

Victoria said...

Exercising at night often keeps me up at night which seems counter productive, but yeah... it does help the angry go away. And yes, I'm waiting for more Burning Man thoughts to pop up.

Jonathan said...

I went to the store the other evening to get my other half some chocolate (she had a crappy day). I came back with three bars, and intended to leave one in the fridge. Guess who raided the fridge at 1am and ate an entire 250g bar of chocolate to himself while watching junk on the TV at 1am...

Victoria said...

I DID???

Oh, no, wait, you did?