Thursday, 23 October 2014

Friday, The Rest

I'd been avoiding the Tequila bar down the road because my first experience with Tequila many moons ago involved me losing my keys and my I.D. and making out with a stranger in the parking lot at the bar.  So.... I haven't touched tequila since then.

But for whatever reason, I was sitting in our place Friday mid day and I looked at our fun neighbour and asked him if he wanted to go to Tequila poppers (a shot mixed with 7Up that goes down like candy thank you very much!) and of course he did so we wandered over and had us some tequila.

And then some more.  The unfortunate side effect was that I got instantly grumpy annoyed with Connor.  Like.... bad.  All the slight annoyance or irritation I'd felt so far that week turned into me being really annoyed with him.  So.... I stopped drinking once I realized this was happening.  I didn't see the point of being mad.

The neighbours and Connor and I decided a bit later that we should go for an adventure, so we hopped on our bikes to see what we could find. 

I took them to the wine bar I'd found the other day, but the music wasn't as perfect and so we didn't last too too long there.  Plus, the line down the street for sno-cones was too long for our tastes and the boys decided they wanted to go out to see the Temple as they hadn't been yet.

I started to bike out with them but realized I didn't want to go.  I don't know if I didn't want to go back to the Temple or if I just didn't want to be with people anymore, so I told them I was heading out on my own and I biked back into town.

I found myself in what I'm lovingly going to refer to as the "Gaybourhood" where there was a fantastic collection of LGBT friendly camps.

I stopped at a camp that had a "swag exchange" and left some of my necklaces and picked up some Jolly Ranchers. 

I biked out onto the farthest most street (L) and out onto the open Playa on the "far/back" side of the city.  The cool part was?  I didn't even have to pedal.  It was windy enough that I was pushed by the wind on my bike.  Awesome.  In fact, I stopped to take a picture of a guy windsurfing on the playa (wheels on the board, cool) and my bike started rolling away on me like a ghost was riding it!  It was pretty cool.

The boys got back and a couple of us went back to the tequila bar to dance and have a few more drinks and I enjoyed myself, being silly and dancing and chasing the "spinny" lights on the street.  (Some sort of projection lights... I don't know, I haven't been to a "real" bar in ages...)

At this point, I was really missing having a person there... someone with whom I am just easy, fun and relaxed with and can do stuff with without feeling annoyed by them and their energy or...whatever.  Someone who I'm close with...a friend.  Someone that I could go to, for example, the fireworks burn I'd just watched (for the Alien Siege Machine) and have an adventure with and try things with.  I had Jay last year, and I missed having someone with me this year.  I did have the potential for fun adventures with one of our neighbours, but he was a bit too wild (party-wise and mega energy wise) for me.

I took some time to myself when they all went out and I went back up to the stairs.  I only made it half way this time but I watched a firework show from up there before I came home, sat for a while, organized my space and then went to bed.


Jonathan said...

I love these posts...

Jason Langlois said...

Not having someone to share life moments like this with is really hard, sometimes. Most times.

Victoria said...

Thanks Jonathan :)

True, Jason...