Monday, 5 January 2015


(I'm not writing this Monday morning, I'm writing it Sunday evening, but) I think I may have cursed myself for Monday morning...

See, like a few people I know, I took some extra days off the last week or so and so managed to have a good stretch of time off.  I'm glad I did and I'm happy to have done a whole lot of nothing but relaxing (and binge watching Nashville but that's another story) but I think I may be in trouble morning wise.

My body does not like waking up.  That is, it does not like waking up earlier than it WANTS to wake up.  I usually try on weekends and such to stay reasonably close to the wake up time I have to have on work days, but this last week... things just stretched out.

I had a late late night staying up and talking about life and everything and nothing with Jason and so that was a 2 or 3 am night that I just didn't feel like getting up at 7 or 8 am the next morning.  Plus... do you have any idea how cozy it is in my bed?  Especially when it's still dark out and freezing in the room and I don't need to be anywhere and my body is all relaxed and dreamy and, well, one more hit of the snooze button won't hurt, right?  And hey, you know what?  I was up late last night, why not just... let myself sleep in... yeah.....

And then there was New Years' and just a general morning sense of well, I won't be able to sleep in soon so... maybe just a little bit more this morning... and this morning and this morning.

And then I'd get up, warm and lazy and not really be that hungry so I'd sort of slide over breakfast and have a late brunch and, well, yeah, all that's fine and dandy but... this week?  I may be in morning trouble.

Because starting this morning, I have to get up hours earlier than I have been.  And I have to eat right away, and sometimes my body has a really really hard time with these two things.  This morning may be ok what with the adrenaline of "geez I can't sleep in today!" but tomorrow morning may be rough.  Especially since when I sleep later, my body doesn't see the need in going to bed any earlier and it's a cycle...

I think my body would set pretty naturally to a reasonable sun-driven schedule if I didn't have to work and maybe some day I'll get to see that, but for now... I have to get up and get ready for and go to work all before the hours I've been enjoying sleeping in to.

But man... my bed's been so so comfy you guys.



Anne Roy said...

Could you do some prep for the morning the evening before? Getting your clothes ready to go, kettle filled, breakfast slightly prepped, lunch packed?

Could make the harsh morning less cumbersome ...

Anne (Cdn in England)

Elliott said... wife was in completely same boat. She's been off since Dec 19...this morning was not easy for her.

One advantage of rarely having a day off...I was still getting up at my normal before light breaks time over the past two weeks, so today was just like any other day. But cold...holy poop cold...-25C with windchill.

Anne's idea works well...we always get the smoothie ingredients ready the night before...makes the morning much easier.

Jason Langlois said...

I feel you. Cedar Hill Rec is back on their regular hours, so I was up at 6 this morning to hit the gym. And now I'm feeling it at work. Thank goodness for caffeine.

Victoria said...

I do ALLLLLL my prep the night before Anne, it does make things a little easier ;)

Man, Elliott, the rest of Canada sure has it cold right now, eh?

Jason, I do not know how people exercise first thing in the morning, good for you!

Dominic said...

I was off from Dec 10, waking up at 6am to go to the gym Monday morning was *hard*

I still haven't quite recovered..

Victoria said...

Oh man... brutal! And, yeah, I'm still not recovered here myself either.