Thursday, 19 April 2018


Yeah so.... Spring?  Not really.  Not lately.

I turned my radiator off and then turned it on again when I got home and it was freezing in my place.

Was out walking and thought "this is like Fall out here"  Sigh.

I mention this because there's been some really weird weather in the world (or at least North America) this week.  Snow.  Floods.  And yet there are still many who are not concerned over global weather changes.  Sigh.

We certainly have Spring like blossoms and such and the sunny days are gorgeous, but there are also long weeks of rain and the warmth has not really appeared. 

So, I made up a name in my title.. Spring/Fall.. Sprall.

Not trying to rush anything, just saying, it's not yet as Spring like as most of us would like.


Jason Langlois said...

There's a definite Frang in the air. The chill factor has been pretty intense lately.

The burning question of course is... has this affected the banana peel tree and the worlds slowest smoothie?

Victoria said...

No banana peels to be seen, so it must be, yes!!!

Elliott said...

We still had snow on the ground on Friday. But we got to go the driving range yesterday for the first time this spring, so yay for that. But there was still some snow in a few bunkers...

Victoria said...

Well yay for that at least!