Thursday, 5 April 2018


I can now officially say my ukulele has been played infront of a campfire.  Ta da!

I wasn't sure I wanted to bring it on the camping trip, mainly to save space, but also because I don't really have any songs memorized, but Jason insisted, so on our first evening, I brought it out.

And lasted about five minutes because BRRR! 

Yeah, first day was freezing.  Well, not literally freezing, but you could see your breath all day, even in front of the fire.  So I played it for a bit, and put it away, but yes, it has had that initiation!

It rained the rest of the time so it didn't come out again and I'm not sure I have a passionate need for it to come on another trip, but yeah, if there is a bingo card for, uh.. stereotypical west coast things to do?  I totally just filled out a square.


Jason Langlois said...

That's just so awesome. I can't describe the smile on my face right now.

Victoria said...