Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Like A Tree!

I figure I *must* be growing.  Taller.

Because that's the only way the field of my vision can be getting worse and worse, right?

I know I mentioned it before, but after a fix from a manufacturer recall, my driver's seat is higher than it used to be and it restricts my vision.

Well, probably because I'm paying attention to it now, I realize I have a lot of blind spots out my front window!  Not even the "side" blind spots we're used to thinking of, but like... forward ones!

The side airbag window thingies are a blindspot, the rear view mirror is now a blind spot on certain streets/situations and it's like I said, I must just be getting taller, right?

So I'm probably a little more cautious at stops and around corners and that's ok, maybe we all could be a little more cautious... I know the lady who nearly drove into pedestrian me could be.  Ahem!


Jason Langlois said...

Clearly you're just getting taller, yes.

Jonathan said...

This reminds me of a ridiculous novel I read a couple of years ago - "Off to be the Wizard" - about a guy that finds out the world is a software program, after finding his own name and details in a data file. He changes his height, and thinks no more of it until he realises he can see the top of a cupboard in his house that he couldn't see before :)

Victoria said...

AM GROWING, YAY!!!! Finally! ;)

My cupboards are pretty high Jonathan, that'd be pretty tall! heh