Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Ok so I survived the Canada Day long weekend!  Yay!  But.. only.. barely!

Well, that's going to seem overly dramatic, but... I woke up yesterday (the stat holiday of the long weekend) and my entire upper right side, and so everyone around it (neck, etc.) had frozen up, or seized up or whatever it does.  Does that happen to you?  Something happens when you're sleeping and you wake up and your neck is so mad at you it's like.. SCREW YOU!!!!

Yeah.. it was pretty bad.  I can't take advil or whatever on an empty stomach but I wasn't functional enough to get food going so I had this sort of miserable whimpering hour or so while I tried to make things happen.

The advil didn't do much, so I got out a heating pad and yeah, lay inside on a sunny holiday monday feeling very sorry for myself. 

It took most of the morning to loosen enough to let me go out for some food and some Robaxacet (over the counter muscle relaxants) which I then didn't get to take until bedtime because I didn't want to ruin the inside of my stomach or liver or whatever doesn't like too many meds.

It's not worse this morning, so yay for that and I'm wondering if I should try to get a massage to loosen things up or just see how today goes.  I'm two Robax in and waiting to see what that does but damn that really was sucky yesterday. 

Hope your long weekend was awesomer or that you have a nice week if you're not a North American celebrating stuff this week.  If you run into someone who's constantly gasping for no seeming reason (oh, you wanted to look to your left?  NOPE!  HA!) that's probably me!

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