Friday, 13 July 2018


I'm not really an air conditioning person.  I mean, I like having it when it's like ERMAGHERD hot but I can't sleep with it on in a hotel room or anything.  Mainly the noise, but... the air smells weird, you know?

So I was surprised when I noticed an air conditioning unit sticking out of the window of a neighbour's place.

We're not really an air conditioning city, or at least I don't know many people who are?  I guess some do and I just don't notice, but living and working in old buildings you just kind of get used to not having it.

Oh and it turns out?  I can't get over the noise of it in someone else's window either.  Sigh.

I'm getting more used to it and I know we may or may not have that many hot days this summer but I know the noise of this place and it's quiet at night.  Not a lot of traffic.... quiet.  So the hum of the unit is.. well, it's new, and different.  And I hope to not notice it one of these days.  (And I'm grateful for the cooler nights when they keep it off.)

But yeah... noisy things at night are not my favourite. 

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