Monday, 23 July 2018


It's been a doozie after a doozie after a doozie y'all and sunshine is lovely!  But heat makes stress more stressy.... at least for me.

I did all I could to take care of myself this weekend, wandered the city art event with C-Dawg, rested most of Sunday, then had an unfortunately large fight with Jason last night and my computer had an accidental drop of water hit the worst possible spot (apparently) so now I need a weekend again.  Could really use a break from... oh, you know, life and this adult-ing sh*t?

But a couple of hours ago the insurance folk let me know they're (apparently?!) going to cover the stolen car key situation so I'm (cautiously) taking that as a huge win and am naming this "Good News Monday".

Plus one of my avocado seeds is starting to sprout, so really, it is a good day all in all.

Hope you have a great week and hope to get some posts up here really soon. 


Jason Langlois said...

That's a mixed bag. Glad to hear the seed is sprouting and that the key thing might be covered. Small victories!

Only a few more days til we get that weekend again, and can try one more time to reset.

Victoria said...

Is it the weekend yet? Again? (she typed on Sunday night)