Thursday, 2 August 2018

All Fingers Crossed

My computer has been on its last legs for a while now.  I think I made it worse a year or so ago by attempting to glue a little leg/foot/rubber thing back on, because a technician when I took it in for something told me that something had been glued to something else.... and there was nothing he could do.  So I often use an ice pack underneath my laptop.... because that's my normal!

Last week, however, I put down my glass of water a little too firmly and a splash or two jumped out and fell on my trackpad.  I wiped them off, no big deal.  But then everything started working... not at all well.

It took about 48 hours for things to "dry up" enough to function, and I was able to use my drawing pad thing (USB plug in device) to have a functional "track pad" but I've found that in the mornings (when it is cooler?) it's still not working and, well?  I simply can not afford a new or new-to-me computer right now.  So... I'm doing what I can to help my computer keep limping along.  It's not the ideal situation but it's the situation I have so there you go.

I do keep regular backups (although I could be more regular I suppose) but really I'd just like for things to not get any worse and then for money to fall out of the sky in copious amounts! 

But let's not jinx anything and pretend I didn't say anything at all about keeping anything alive with hopes and crossed fingers, ok?

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