Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Waves Hello

Hope you had a good long weekend if that was something where you live.  Or a good regular weekend if not.

I'm coping and managing and not super thrilled with life or health but enjoying the longer, bright days and marvelling at how much of a difference a few degrees makes temperature wise.

Hope you're well.


Elliott said...

We were lucky enough to have a long weekend. And we did get out to play 3 rounds of golf, which was awesome. But then I spent each afternoon working.

Our plant is shut down this week for summer break, but guess where I'm reading this post? Yep...the plant.

Hope coping turns into something better for you soon.

Victoria said...

Yay? Or... some yay at least?

Jason Langlois said...

Man, if only it were a few degrees. It feels like a dozen degrees. So. hot. (for the Island, anyway).

I'm still fighting off the lingering effects of that brutal cold I had a few weeks ago, but otherwise things are well.

Elliott said...

Some yay...golf has been much lighter for me than usual. I'll be glad when the system is up and running and I can stop working 70+ hours a week.

Victoria said...

I have not good heat news for you today then Jason... (and sorry about the cold!)

70+ hours a week, E? NOOooOoOOOoooOOOoooo. Oh man... :/