Wednesday, 17 October 2018


So the big talk around these parts today is that Canada legalized marijuana.

I have a lot of thoughts about it.... I think, but most of them I'll keep to myself.  It's still not an easy topic, or one I really know what to do with.

I will say that the weeks leading up to this have been surprisingly emotional for me.  I got a couple of mail-outs from the Government letting me know... whatever it is they think I should know and I cried.  It was unexpected, but there was just this thought that never in my lifetime did I think it would be anything less than criminal.  And that it's kind of a big deal.

Which it is... but not really for most people I know.

I mean, I sat and thought about it last night.  Who in my life will have their life drastically changed by this?  And I can't really think of anyone.  Sure, I might have some friends who don't really smoke it because they didn't know where to get it (read: back alley behind the arcade, like I think my parents used to think was the only way one could acquire it... the horrors!) and now they might, like picking up some wine, pick up a bit.  Except, we're not really sure yet where that might be.  Or, at least I'm not because again... not really paying too much attention to the details. 

But the comparison I just made above to picking some up like picking up some wine isn't quite accurate.  Because it's not alcohol.  Not that I'm that big of a fan of alcohol either but...

I think also the fact that medical marijuana has been legal for a while and then this last year or so since the full (recreational) legalization was announced it's just sort of not as huge a deal.  At least not here.  Probably still is in some places/cities/provinces.  But here, in BC?  I feel like there is generally a sense of "what will it actually look like?  could it be bad?" combined with "oh, it wasn't already ok?"  I dunno... y'all.... it's weird.

Anyway... as you see, I don't really know what all I think.  And I'm not sure how, or if, it will impact my life.  Except for probably the media talking about it non stop for a while.

But yeah, there you go.  Something that all my life has been illegal and "bad" no longer is.

It's kind of a weird feeling.

Yay I guess?


G's said...

I have been recently listeninig to the CBC podcast "On Drugs". I'm not a drug user myself but I found the podcast to be really well done and informative. I like that they don't just say drugs are bad or drugs are good. Nothing is either all black or all white.

I'd recommend listening to Season 2 Ep. 2 on Cannabis: from prohibition to legalization. Let me know if you do listen to it!

Victoria said...

Good tip, thanks! :)

(and yeah, no clear black or whites in much of anything)