Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Early Days

It's early days in the time change so I'm still in the "oh, maybe it'll be ok?" phase.  Which.... so far in my adult life... not so much!

I whacked my sleep self upside the head the Saturday and Sunday of the time change itself with a decent sleep (at normal ish hours) the first night/morning and then really really late (not on purpose) and gnarly sleep the second, so I'm not sure how I will adjust as the weeks go on. 

Already noticing the "holy crap it's dark out already?" kicking in pretty hard... blah.

Kind of have my fingers crossed that maybe we only have so many more years of this as I keep hearing about places that don't do it anymore. 

I think I'd like that.  You know?


Jason Langlois said...

I really hope more places figure this out.

It's a silly thing put in place for stooooopid reasons and has none of the benefits anyone thinks it should have.


Victoria said...