Saturday, 17 November 2018

Heh, Heh... Oh

I woke myself up this morning by being SO so funny.

See, I knew it was morning, was already aware of the light and vaguely aware it was "morning" - ish time but it was also the weekend with nowhere to go so I was sleeping in.

At some point I made a joke.  I'm not sure if it was me talking to someone else in the dream or just me talking to myself in the dream but I said something like how the thing you put your brain on when you take it out (which, by the way looks a lot like the lid of a sour cream container just in case you didn't know that already) should be called a "brain xxxxx"  (I've written xxxx because I actually now forget what hilarious thing I said.  Brain pan?  Brain hat?  Brain ... ?  It was just so funny and clever that I was chuckling for real and woke up enough to think "I should wake up now because not only am I in a good mood, but I said this really funny thing that other people will find funny too!"

Except once I woke up for real and got out of bed I realized that we don't actually take our brains out... and so the clever name I came up with is, um, not really ever going to be all that funny.  Because... yeah... not a thing.  But DAMN if I wasn't funny in that dream y'all!

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