Friday, 9 November 2018

Today I Learned

Today I learned how to fix a... uh... I apparently already forget the term... uh... a "tunneled"? candle?

Like, you know the bigger candles, I'm not sure what they're called, pillar candles maybe?  Not super giant ones, just... you know, a bigger candle?  Well I have one of those.  I don't use it very often and when I do I don't burn it very often.  No particular reason why, I'm just not a very candle person of late I guess.

Well that candle got a sort of tunnel in it that meant it wasn't really doing the candle part very well and it turns out that's a thing.  I guess you have to burn pillar type candles for two hours minimum or they do this tunneling thing.  Which isn't great.

I tried a couple of internet suggestions on how to fix it but they didn't work as well as the internet promised me they would so I just sort of carved the thing down a bit and stuck it away back in a cupboard.

But I will do my best to not burn it for a short (i.e. less than two hours) amount of time the next time I want me some candle time.

Who knew?

(Apparently the internet knew and just me didn't?)


Jason Langlois said...

Wait, this is a thing?

(okay, I shouldn't be surprised. There's probably a couple dozen life hack videos out there just covering candles)

Victoria said...

Apparently it's a thing?!