Thursday, 29 November 2018


Please excuse this terribly selfish whine.

I wish I had enough money to try frivilous things!!!

I just saw a cool video of a gal playing a theramin (which I really only know from Led Zeppelin, woo whoo!) and I had the thought of MAN, I would LOVE to try that!

I mean, maybe it'd turn out it was too frustrating or not my thing, but I would love to have the money to just go online and buy one and have it delievered and spend some time learning... whatever (I just watched some learning videos and the ukulele it's not!) and then see where it goes.

And then if I didn't love it or want to keep it, I could give it away (or sell it I suppose) to someone else.

And I'd love to do that with an electric piano and a screenprinting kit and to try, I dunno... stand up paddling (when it is warmer!)  And I'd love to be able to spend all sorts of money on fixing up the small things my car could use (new shocks, for example) and to buy a friend or two that thing they casually mentioned (a friend of mine mentioned how they'd love a straight razor shave and I'd love to be like here, here you go!)

So, yes, I not only wish I had more than enough money to be comfortable, but more than enough for buying things I want to try.  Or even renting.  Or who knows.  But it seems like it would be fun to go try the theramin for a while, just because I want to and without it being a financial stupidity.  


Jason Langlois said...

Tangentially related, but one year at the Warped Tour on a side stage, I saw duo of a theramin player and bass guitar player.

They were in this side stage tent, playing to about a dozen people and clearly doing their own heavy metal songs (for theramin and bass). It was terrible, and wonderful at the same time, because those two guys were giving it their all. They were into it, and they were just playing with so much love and enthusiasm and joy that even though the music was awful (and it was), I stopped to listen and enjoy.

So yeah, it sucks you could have given it a try.

That said, there is this...

Victoria said...

Oh, I'm sure I would sound terrible too! (Especially if my use of that link is any indication!) But yay for those guys! :)