Friday, 7 December 2018

A Non Update

I don't really have a good update on the flickr photo thing.  As you may have noticed, I'm just not using photos here anymore, which is unfortunate, but one thing at a time.

And for now, after putting in several hours worth of really frustrating work, I decided to just suck it up and buy a year's worth of pro to literally buy myself some more time to deal with having to get rid of nearly a thousand photos and the links to the blog posts they were on.

I know, not a *real* problem, but certainly a frustration.  And that really wasn't in my budget.  (Not that much is, but that's a whole other story.)  And yeah, not a way I want to be spending my time either.

I did message them and they did get back to me and they suggested a few things.  I appreciated the response and suggestions, just none of them were any easier than what I had already started to do, mainly because I linked so many photos to this blog, to just delete, or move to another account will break so many links and well, that's not something I really feel like doing, even if they're archived posts not being read anymore. 

So my solution for now is to pay them money to not delete my photos while I work on making sure things still function here in old posts.  And once I've done that (nine hundred and something more to go), then I'll figure out what, if anything, I'm going to do about bringing photos back here.


Jonathan said...

I've been worrying about the rug being pulled out from beneath my own blog for ages, and finally did something about it today - just before I read this.

I'm back running my own copy of Wordpress, after years leaning on others.

Victoria said...

Fair enough...