Monday, 17 December 2018

I... Think So?

We had some actual wind this weekend and I got a call Sunday morning from my Dad (on his cell).

He asked if I had power and you guys?  I had to think about it!  See, I have a regular land line for just this reason, so it always works, even when there's no power.  I was using my laptop at the time but... it's a laptop so was running on battery power!  I had no lights on because it was bright enough not to so that didn't help.  I sort of paused for a moment, figured, no I had power and so told my Dad no, I have power!

But man that was a funny feeling!  If I hadn't been on the spot like that, I'd have heard the hum of the fridge and realized my modem was still running and giving me wifi, but still... with no lights on it was hard to immediately answer!

(And he had to call from his cell because they have a digital phone line and it goes off after a while, so keep those cells charged y'all!)

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