Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Just Saying!

I'm not really sure I'm near wanting to date right now, or to go through the whole "find a relationship" thing, but I'm sort of vaguely not horrified by the idea anymore, so.. yay?

I bring this up because it came up in conversation the other day with a friend and they got all excited because they thought of their cool, attractive, nice, interesting friend and they were SO excited to show me a picture of him because they were sure I would find him handsome too (and they assured me he's a great guy) so we went over to a computer and they brought up this guy's facebook profile and I started laughing as my friend looked at this guy's photo of him and his wife and two kids!

"Oh," said my friend, "I guess he and I haven't talked in a while... sorry?"

So yeah... if you're wanting to get your single friend to consider maybe thinking about dating a friend of yours, you might want to make sure said person is actually single first. 


Jonathan said...

Oops! (not grinning here honest, totally frowning)

Victoria said...


Jason Langlois said...

That sounds like something out of a sitcom!

Victoria said...

*cue laugh track*