Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Me And Myself!

You sometimes see that question, or occasionally a photo meme of "would you date you?"  And because that question came across my feed the other day I started to think about it.  And yes, I think I would date me.  But here's why!

I assume that I would know what I wanted or needed.  So if my back hurt, I would assume *I* would know that I'd like a back rub and what pressure and all the rest.  Or if I was hungry, *I* probably would know what to make for dinner!  Or if I was sad or something, wouldn't *I* know just what to say or how many hugs to give?  Like, wouldn't dating me mean that I would totally know how to take care of me?

I would have to make sure that both me and me got upset at different times because it would be hard if we both had a panic attack at the same time, but yeah, I have to figure that if I dated me, I'd be pretty darn good at being a good date!  (Which I think is not what the question is really about, but yeah, I used to kind of not like myself much, but now I do so yay me!)


Elliott said...

I'm not sure I'd date myself. I can be quiet and sometimes moody and prefer to stay at home.

Although I have a couple of close female friends that say they would go out with me if I weren't married, so let's go with that.

Jonathan said...

In a strange sort of way, are we not all the most significant relationship we have ever had ? :)

Victoria said...

Well that's a nice compliment Elliott!

True enough Jonathan