Thursday, 24 January 2019


I've had an absolute art block since the start of the month and I stopped trying to fight it this week and just haven't... done any art at all.  (Which, I should probably get on that, even just as practice but still.)

I suppose it's understandable with everything that's going on but it doesn't actually make it any easier to think that or know that. 

I follow a lot of really amazing artists on Instagram and right now it's killing me to look at their work.  Rather than feeling inspired, I feel crushed.  A combination of "I can't do that" and "I can't do anything" added to "I will never make any money doing this anyway" and some "what's the point?"

Actually, there's a lot of "what's the point" happening right now.

Which... seeing other artists' work does not help with at all.  Everyone's hustling, putting out so much work, really good stuff, and I don't feel like I can keep up.  Maybe not ever.  But certainly not right now.

I've been trying to remind myself that I'm not all that well.  Especially right now.  And that helps with the pressure a bit but doesn't inspire me.

So I'm trying to find some balance between fighting the not so good and just letting myself go through whatever.

But yeah, looking at art is really quite miserable for me right now, which sucks.


Jonathan said...

I didn't know you did arty stuff. Obviously I knew about the photos, but nothing else. Do I have you on Instagram ??!?

Victoria said...

Probably not, I have a secret me that is like a pen name... for art! ;)