Thursday, 31 January 2019


So I'm having some learning curve difficulties changing what I eat.

Note, I didn't say "trying a diet", I am actually in a space with things where I realize I actually, for real have to make a permanent shift in how and what I eat.

But, I am unsurprisingly struggling.

Not just with the overwhelm of it all but with the way my body is handling trying new things.  Or re-trying not new things.

We all know I struggle with food issues and have a long standing problem with my stomach not liking a lot of things, and so I had some things that while not particularly healthy, would at least not cause me pain or discomfort.

And now those things are not things I should have.  I mean, they never really were but that was more in a "these are not healthy" kind of way vs a "these are making my body actively destroy itself" kind of way.

Food is a hard one for me, has been for a long while now, but I'm already missing the pain free days of last month.  And I'm missing the comfort foods I knew I could enjoy.

Whine, whine, whine, I know... I'm lucky to have access to such an abundance of food, I know this.

I just write this with a very unhappy stomach after eating very healthily all day when all I wanted to do was have chocolate and chase that down with some chocolate (again) and then some salty snack food.

It kind of feels like when you go to the gym all gung ho and then end up twisting your knee or something... it's like really? I'm trying to be HEALTHY and you're getting mad at me?  Come on body!  Work with me here!


Jonathan said...

We recently self-diagnosed our middle girl as being coeliac (like her older sister). The doctors don't agree with us, but as soon as we changed her diet the continual cramps went away. Go figure.

Victoria said...

Right? Glad you guys figured it out!

Out of interest, do they have super itchy reactions to mosquito bites?