Monday, 4 February 2019


As of this writing (Sunday evening) there has been a light dusting of snow in my area of town.

It was chilly enough when it fell that it stuck to surfaces, but not on the roads.  At least not where I am.

It'll be interesting to see what we wake up to, if anything.  Possibly one of those snowfalls where some people end up with a whole lot and others nothing at all and the difference will be a ten minute drive. 

The snow was beautiful when it came.  Big big flakes that came down quietly and then that unusual light that snow brings and that dampening of sound.  I love the experience of snow... when I don't have to be anywhere!

It is chillier.  The air has that briskness to it specific to cold.  It's hard to explain.  It's like it's cold but the air is.... holding something.  Dampness perhaps.  But, yeah, to me, snow weather just feels different in so many ways.

I like snow.  And I think it's super pretty.


Dominic said...

We had snow - just enough to cover the ground and make everything white & pretty.

Was gone by evening, but I went for a walk first thing in the morning before most people were up and it was a remarkably tranquil outing. Wish it'd snow more often!

Jason Langlois said...

The amount of snow we had was the appropriate amount. Enough to give us the "awww, it's beautiful" effect, but not so much as to actually shut Victoria down (so less than 1cm).

I think things have dried out a bit, though - the cold now is that dry, kind of bites when you breath cold.

Of course, in the rest of the country, it's cold enough to cause frostbite in 5 minutes of exposure, so ...

Hope you're staying warm!

Elliott said...

It's been -35C with wind chill for a week around these parts. Yesterday it was 9C. Freezing rain warning and snow for tomorrow. Mother Nature isn't happy.

Victoria said...

Sounds lovely Dominic! Also hi!

It was a pretty appropriate amount Jason, but I wouldn't mind a tiny bit more? Maybe over a weekend so it won't upset so many people?

Oh damn Elliott! Ouch.

Jonathan said...

We had a whole INCH of snow last week, and it ground the entire country to a standstill.

Victoria said...

Whoops! ;)