Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Wind Chill

I'm sure I've experienced wind chill before but I had a super strong experience with it yesterday that really made me feel like "oh, ok, THIS is wind chill, damn!"

Jason and I went for a walk and although it was sunny, I knew it was cold out so I bundled up.  It was still cold, but once we got walking I was warm enough, so it wasn't a big deal and yeah, any time we were out of the wind it was a lot warmer, almost nice in the sun.

But then on my way home, I had taken off the extra layers of hat and gloves and stopped to pick up some (er... creme eggs, shush!) stuff from the store and as soon as I got out of the car (and out of the heat of the car!) without the hat and gloves it was cold cold cold!

Just the walk from the car to the store was so cold, the wind really did have that much of a bite.

Wind chill confuses me from a physical standpoint (as in, I probably once learned how it works but now I'm going to have to go google it again because I've forgotten) because I don't... *get* it.  But I can tell you first hand now that yeah, it's a thing.  It's a frigging cold, biting, mean old thing!


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