Friday, 12 April 2019


A lot of the time these days I find myself not knowing.

Not knowing what to think.  Or how to think in a way that will be better for me... healthier for me.

I, like everyone else, have no real idea of what the future holds and I'm trying to find a balance between being realistic and being positive.

I often don't know how to handle something upsetting, especially if it involves someone else.

I write this without a specific purpose or intent.  I am gently suggesting to myself that it's ok to write differently... (or not at all.)

I am continuing to actively change.

It is continuing to be difficult.

Sometimes it feels like I don't know anything.  Or that the things I thought I knew I'm not so sure are knowable.

Or something.

And the other night, the skin on my hands looked like that of an "old" woman.

The physical signs of aging are sometimes hard to take.

The mental and emotional signs of aging are often invisible.

I grow, I change, I try, I tire.

I am yet to give up.  I'd rather not.

The coming of Spring does help, no?


Anonymous said...

Spring is just the best, every shade of happy green, pretty flowers, and baby birds - the sights,smells and sounds make my heart sing.The days are longer & not too hot and even the rain feels refreshing. Happy happy Spring!

Victoria said...

Happy happy indeed :)